5 Reasons to Buy Used Instead of New

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You may have heard that it’s good to buy used items. Or maybe you’re unsure about buying used.

Of course, buying pre-owned items has a time and a place. Some things are just better to get new.

But there are so many instances where buying pre-loved items can have real advantages!

Today, I’ve listed out five reasons why you should consider buying used for your next purchase.

Cheaper than Buying New

This is a pretty obvious benefit of buying pre-loved, but it’s worth listing anyways.

If your budget is hurting, or there is a need you can’t afford to buy new, then buying used is a great option.

Buying pre-loved items will always be cheaper than buying new. You can generally save at least fifty percent off the retail price when buying used. Oftentimes, you can save even more.

Generally, this fact is brought up when someone talks about how to afford kids’ gear on a budget. It makes sense to mention it then because kids grow out of everything so quickly.

But it really applies to so many more areas! Furniture, clothing, tech items like phones, fitbits, or laptops–all can be bought used for a fraction of the retail price.

In fact, the bulk of my house is furnished with pre-owned furniture. I haven’t counted, but I’d say at least half my closet is thrifted. And I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve bought brand new clothes for my kids.

Maybe you start small, and just see what you can find at the thrift store, or you just make it a point to casually scroll through your preferred online marketplace on a regular basis. Any way you do it, every item you buy used will save you money!

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Better for the Environment

Buying pre-loved items is so much better for our planet. There are so many items out there that still have a ton of life left in them, but they often end up in a landfill because our society has convinced us that newer is better.

When I first started buying used, I did it primarily as a way to save money. It’s really only in the last few years that I’ve realized the detrimental impact of large-scale production and the importance of making environmentally conscious choices. Since then, I’ve made an effort to buy used even when I could buy new.

I believe that the Lord has ordered us to be good stewards. In the last few years, I’ve come to understand that stewardship is not just about money, but about all of our resources. Which includes our planet.

After all, He only gave us one planet!

More Rewarding than Buying New

Searching out pre-owned items is so much more rewarding than buying an item new. You’ll often hear this fact referred to as “the thrill of the hunt.”

It is true that buying used takes more of your time than buying items new. When you’re searching for a pre-loved item, you must sift through many items that are not right in order to find the perfect item.

Whether you choose to do that by physically searching at thrift stores and garage sales, or you choose to hunt through online platforms like Craigslist, Mercari, and Ebay, the result is the same.

If you’re used to the instant gratification of buying new, then the hunt for used items might seem tedious at first.

But when you find the perfect piece, and find if for a steal–the feeling is incredible! Call me a dork, but I’ve been known to show extreme excitement (we’re talking happy dances here!) when I find a particularly great deal.

Maybe I’m alone in that feeling (though I don’t think I am), but it seems to me that everyone likes to save money. So, take out the time to find those deals! It will be so worth it.

Allow Your Creativity to Shine

Whatever your version of creativity is, thrift stores an online marketplaces are the perfect way to find affordable supplies.

Maybe you seek out old canvases and paint your own masterpieces over the old art. Maybe you love to refinish furniture–there are so many people looking to sell old, solid wood furniture!

If sewing is your preferred creative outlet, just check out your local thrift store–there are loads of fabrics to upcycle in every color imaginable. Thrift stores, online marketplaces, and garage sales can also provide the perfect photography props, costumes, or items for still-life drawings.

Develop Your Own Unique Style

One of the things I love most about buying pre-loved items is that it allows me to develop my own sense of style. I’m not bound to whatever the retail stores are carrying.

This is evident in my wardrobe, my home, and even my backyard.

Have you ever walked into someone’s house and it looks like their entire house came straight out of Target, Hobby Lobby, or Bed Bath & Beyond? That’s probably not far from the truth.

When you buy used, though, you’re not beholden to the trends that are in stores that year. I personally go for a classic look. Maybe your style is more eclectic and vintage, or maybe you want to decorate your home entirely with Mid-Century Modern pieces.

Either way, finding what you want pre-owned lets your own style shine–not what someone else says your style should be.

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