5 Reasons Why You Need to Ditch the Weekly Meal Plan

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all heard how meal planning can lower your grocery bill and help you eat better.

But…maybe you’ve been weekly meal planning for a while and you’re just not seeing those results. Maybe you feel like you’re always screwing up the meal plan and you feel like you just can’t make meal planning work for you.

I used to feel the same way.

Life would happen and I wouldn’t stick to my meal plan. Then, I’d end my week frustrated and feeling like a failure! And angry because I had to do it all again for the next week.

It wasn’t until my first child was born that I created my Monthly Meal Planning System. It was a night and day difference!

Where I used to feel like a failure, I found success.

Where I used to be stuck in this constant cycle of frustration, I discovered satisfaction in feeding my family while staying within the budget!

You can 100% feel those shifts too! But first, you have to ditch the weekly meal plan.

So let’s go over the top 5 reasons why you need to ditch your weekly meal plan today!

Monthly Meal Planning Saves You Time

How much time are you wasting on your weekly meal planning? How much time do you waste at the grocery store each week? Or, if you do grocery pickup like many busy families do, how much extra money are you wasting in fees by going each week?

[By the way, this section assumes that you’re someone who isn’t willing to pay for grocery delivery fees. 😉 ]

When I create my monthly meal plan, it only takes me about an hour to plan out the whole month and write my list.

Then, I do all my shopping at the beginning of the month. I get all the ingredients needed for our dinner meals. I buy everything for lunches and breakfasts, as well as snacks for the kids.

In the middle of the month, my husband or I run on a basics trip to restock milk, bread, eggs, and cereal.

All told, we spend maybe two hours a month on grocery shopping.

If you go to the store every week and spend an hour getting your groceries for the week, that’s at least 4 hours a month, or 52 hours a year. With monthly meal planning, you could slash that in half!

An extra two hours a month may not sound like much, but think of it this way: If you go grocery shopping once a week for an hour each week, that’s 52 hours a year.

But, if you only spend 2 hours a month on grocery shopping, that’s 24 hours a year. Which leaves you 28 extra hours! That’s over a day!

Monthly Meal Planning Actually Saves You Money

When you’re meal planning on a weekly basis, that means you’re also in the store on a weekly basis.

And what happens if you don’t get your meal planning done, but you still need food? You go to the store anyways–without a list, and without a plan. When that happens, you’re bound to spend more money!

But by spending just one hour a month to plan out your whole month, you give yourself the option to go to the store less. And when you’re at the store less, you spend less money!

The less time you spend at the store, the less money you spend at the store.

Monthly Meal Planning Gives You Peace of Mind

By planning out your whole month at once, and getting all the ingredients you need for the month, you can have a peace of mind that you just don’t have with weekly meal planning.

Why? Because it’s already done! All your food for the month is taken care of. There is no more stress of having “meal planning” constantly on your to-do list. There is no panic if you forget.

As an added bonus, monthly meal planning also makes it incredibly easy to stay within the grocery budget that you set for yourself–which alleviates stress in and of itself!

Monthly Meal Planning Offers More Variety

Do you feel like you’re consistently eating the same thing week after week? Are you stuck in a meal planning rut?

Monthly meal planning eliminates the “meal planning rut” altogether!

With weekly meal planning, it’s easy to stick to the same 5 or 6 meals over and over again. It’s natural for our brain to do this because it makes the chore of weekly meal planning go faster if our brain is on “auto-pilot.”

If you’re planning out the whole month, though, you can see where you repeat meals and eliminate the repeats.

And yes, you might repeat some of the same recipes the next month. But when it’s been a month or more since you had that meal last, no one is sick of it!

Monthly Meal Planning is More Flexible

This is my actual meal plan from last month. An example of how flexible your meal plan can be!

Have you ever had a day where you just couldn’t make the meal on the meal plan happen?

We all have those days. You get home late, or find out your kid has an unexpected practice scheduled, and you just don’t have time to cook what you had planned.

You tell yourself that you “screwed up” the meal plan, and “you’re bad at this” or “this just doesn’t work for me.”

But the problem isn’t you–it’s your meal plan.

Life happens, and you need a meal plan that works for your life–on the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens. You need a meal plan that has your back and is always ready–and a monthly meal plan does that.

With a monthly meal plan, you can cook something planned for the 30th on the 2nd day of the month if that works better for you! You already have all the ingredients for the month, so why not?!

A monthly meal plan offers 300% MORE flexibility than a weekly meal plan–and who doesn’t want more flexibility?!

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