5 Apps You Need to Get Cashback on Your Groceries

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I love a good deal. I’m all about saving money…but I’ve never been a great at couponing.

I’ve certainly tried! I’ve bought the Sunday paper, clipped all the coupons, and then…well, and then I’d find them on the fridge six months later. Or in my bag. Or in my wallet.

Eventually, I just gave it up, telling myself that I was just too forgetful for coupons.

So you can only imagine my surprise and excitement when I discovered couponing apps a few years ago! There may or may not have been some bouncing on my part– I tend to get that way about saving money.

Today, I’m super excited to talk to you about all of the apps you can use to save more money on your groceries! I’ve picked my top 5 apps that I keep on my phone and use regularly.

Let’s jump in!


Ibotta is my number one favorite savings app. There are so many retailers and hundreds of offers, which means it’s super easy to use Ibotta for savings on just about everthing!

For grocery shopping, they have deals on everything! There are deals on produce, dairy, meat, snacks, canned goods, alcoholic beverages–you name it, they’ve probably got it!

You can even use Ibotta for your Walmart grocery pickup order–they are the only app I’ve found that has deals specific to grocery pickup.

Ibotta is also free to download and super simple to use. You can even get a $20 bonus just for signing up!

Every time I go shopping, I scan through the app to see if they have deals on anything I’m buying that day. I simply add the deals I want, then after I’ve purchased those items, I scan my receipt to redeem.

I tend to use the extra money I earn to go towards Christmas, but you could use it for anything! Treat yourself, put it towards date night, or just add the money you earn through Ibotta to your savings!

My Favorite Part of Ibotta

I also love that Ibotta has what they call “any brand” offers. These may be as simple as $0.25 back for buying bananas, or it might be getting money back for buying a tub of yogurt.

The “any brand” offers vary, but that’s part of what I love about them! One of my biggest frustrations with couponing in the past has been that you almost always have to buy name brand. Sometimes the store brand is actually cheaper than the price of the name brand with the coupon!

So I love that I can get even more savings by buying the off-brand with Ibotta‘s “any brand” offers!

Receipt Hog

I love Receipt Hog because it’s so easy! You literally get points just for scanning your receipts. You don’t even have to buy specific products!

If you have kiddos, it is also super fun to get them involved with Receipt Hog. It’s very much based on the idea of earning coins for your piggy bank.

You get a pig on the front page of your app, and you or your child can choose different outfits for him based on how you are feeling!

Receipt Hog gives you coins for scanning receipts, which adds up to real money earnings. You can redeem your rewards by cashing out for an Amazon gift card, a Visa gift card, or through Paypal.

They also award chances to pull the “Hog Slots” and win extra bonuses. This is another great place to get your kids involved–even a toddler can swipe the lever and watch the slots move!

Receipt Hog is very transparent about the fact that they collect pictures of your receipts to be used in market research. Because of that, they also ask you to fill out a basic survey.

The survey includes information about your ethnicity, family and income level, and even your address. The survey is required in order to cash out on any of your rewards.

It does take a while to earn any significant rewards with Receipt Hog. You’ll need 1000 coins to cash out for a $5 gift card, which means each coin only has a real-world value of about half a penny.

But, it is a very fun app and I love getting my four-year-old involved with it. It also helps me stay in the habit of scanning receipts–if I don’t remember, my toddler reminds me!

And even if the earning is slow, it’s still free money that you wouldn’t be earning otherwise. Every little bit counts, in my opinion!

Receipt Pal

Receipt Pal is very similar to Receipt Hog, with just a few differences. I love that I can get get double rewards just for scanning my receipts–first on Receipt Hog, then on Receipt Pal!

On Receipt Pal, you need to fill a card in order to earn 100 points. You fill a card by scanning 4 receipts. After you’ve filled a certain number of cards (5 per week), then they give you double sweeps entries for each receipt you scan after that.

Points on Receipt Pal have less real-world value than coins on Receipt Hog, but they also give you more points per receipt so it evens out.

They also give you hefty welcome bonuses! When I joined, I received 950 points just for joining and connecting my email account. That’s almost halfway to a $5 gift card for doing essentially nothing!

If you connect your email account, they also give you automatic credit for any e-receipts that hit your inbox! I love automations, because it means I have one less thing to think about!

They also have certain requirements, which they define by levels. In Level 1, you are able to cash out for a $5 gift card (you’ll need 2200 points). If you have tons of receipts and earn points really fast, then you’ll need to wait until your email address has been connected for at least 30 days.

In level 2, you must have your email connected for 30 days and take a basic survey. Once these requirements are met, you can cash out for $10 or $25 gift cards (4000 points and 9,250 points, respectively), provided you have enough points.

For the 3rd and final level, they require you to keep your email connected and your Amazon account connected for 30 days. Then you can use your points to cash out for $50 or $100 gift cards.

Overall, it’s free money for just a couple minutes of your time after each shopping trip. That is well worth it, in my opinion!

Interested in joining? Check it out using my referral link!

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is also as simple as just scanning your receipt to earn rewards! And if you’re already scanning your receipts into Receipt Hog and Receipt Pal, you might as well scan them into Fetch, too!

Fetch Rewards partners with tons of big brands. When you scan your receipts, they automatically scan for qualifying purchases and provide points based on how many qualifying purchases you have.

I love that it’s automated, which means I don’t have to think about specific products or product sizes! However, I tend to buy the store brands over the name brands in most cases, which means my earnings come a tad slower.

However, since I’m already getting rewards for scanning my receipts into the other apps, it’s minimal effort to go into Fetch Rewards and earn what I can by scanning my receipt again.

I also love that Fetch has a huge library of gift cards from different retailers that you can redeem points for! Many apps only have Amazon, Paypal, and Visa to choose from. So it’s nice to be able to choose others!

Ready to check it out? Use referral code K2GWH to get 2,000 points when you scan your first receipt!

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Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is closer to traditional couponing than most of the apps on this list. When you enter the app, they have a list of offers.

They have less offers than the other more traditional couponing app I mentioned, Ibotta. At the time of publishing, Checkout 51 had only 43 offers listed.

Despite the fact that I’m not often able to use Checkout 51 on specific offers, there are a couple reasons that I mention it on this list.

Checkout 51 is currently beta testing a new category of rewards, cash back on your gas. Provided that make this available to everyone, that makes this particular app a lot more lucrative!

I also find that many times offers are listed on 2 different apps. I tend to scan through Ibotta first, because they have more offers available.

If I find an offer I like on Ibotta, I head over to Checkout 51. Sometimes I’m able to earn rewards in both apps for a single purchase!

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