Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the things that need paying for? You got married, you had kids, and all of a sudden, new and unexpected expenses are raining down on your head like tiny bombs. School tuition, extracurricular activities, snacks (SO many snacks!), and kid's clothes all threaten to upset the delicate balance of your budget. 

And on top of it all, the range of financial adulting tasks that you're expected to know how to navigate is vast. Advice comes at you from all sides, on every topic from debt freedom to retirement options to how you should save for your children's education.  

Hello, and welcome to Pennies in Perspective. I'm here to help you find your frugality--the money-saving measures and habits that seamlessly blend into your lifestyle and your family. I provide you with a virtual frugal toolkit, and I offer you grace. You don't have to do everything in order to make a difference in your family's finances--in fact, sometimes the smallest habits make the biggest difference! Let me help you find the financial habits that work for your life. 

My aim is to give you a virtual frugal toolkit that will give you confidence in dealing with your finances. I can help you simplify your finances from the ground up, starting at home.  



Hi, I'm Serena.

I was raised on the tenets of frugal living. Never pay full price. Use what you have. Make it yourself if you can. All of these were valuable lessons that were driven home as a child.

Yet, as soon as I started earning my own money, I spent. Frivolously. It took me years of missed deadlines and gross money mismanagement before I realized: I was taught how to save, but I wasn't taught why. After we got married, I got it together, made a budget, and stubbornly did my best to stick to it. 

Over the years, I have honed and sharpened both my budget and my frugal toolkit. I've managed to furnish our entire 4-bedroom home for just $2500--the price of a sectional! When we got married, I was an awful cook with no concept of a grocery budget. Now, I'm able to feed our family on just $360 a month. There is now no more doubt over whether something is a good deal, because I have the tools in place that allow me to know. And we have the savings and the security to take care of any unexpected expense that life throws our way. 

We've prioritized what we pay for (and what we don't) and learned the secrets to living a happily frugal life. And now I want you to have them, because dealing with your finances shouldn't have to be difficult. It should be simple.  

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