About Me

Do you want to be able to manage your finances better? Do you wish you knew the secrets to spending less and living well?

Or do you wish you could "go green," but all of the sustainable products out there are so expensive? Do you get discouraged by all the pressure to be Zero-Waste?

Hello, and welcome to Pennies in Perspective, where frugality meets sustainability.

Here, I talk all about running a household that is both frugalĀ and sustainable. I'm all about finding a healthy balance that fits into your daily routine. There is no pressure to be perfectly frugal or perfectly sustainable. I certainly haven't achieved either!


Hi, I'm Serena. I was raised on the tenets of frugal living, mostly out of necessity.

Never pay full price. Use what you have. Make it yourself if you can. All of these were valuable lessons that were driven home as a child.

It wasn't until I moved out to the west coast as an adult that I really became more conscious of how many of our daily habits were damaging to the environment.

Once I'd done some research, I got to work. I bought some reusable products and made some myself. I learned to buy bulk for less packaging, and developed strategies for avoiding food waste. Ultimately, we went from 4-6 trash bags a month down to only 2.

I also use my sewing skills to upcycle as much as I can. I try to thrift for our needs and wants as much as possible.

I'm continually on a journey to learn more and do better, and I share all about it here.

Let's be social!

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